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“Most speakers tell stories about themselves without taking in consideration that the audience is there to fix their biggest problem in business or life. I like to serve your audience with the right tools, distinctions and resources needed to make their business and life a masterpiece.”

-Marian V Esanu, High End Client Acquisition Consultant
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My Most Requested Topics Are:
1. High End Client Acquisition Secrets
Most client businesses do not know how to become omnipresent in the marketplace. This instability makes business unpredictable. In this session I teach your audience my four-step process for generating a steady stream of inbound clients. This approach consists of identifying competitors, recreating content, using online retargeting, and eventually inviting the curious crowd to beg for your products and services. ( the same framework I have used to get my own 7 figure funnel )
2. Live Video Domination: How to Build and Scale Your Platform Through “Hey, We’re Live!” Experiences
Yes, we all know videos is powerful. But most entrepreneurs severely limit their reach when they don’t use Live Video when they try to get more influence. The question is how to boost your brand through live video better than anyone else. In this session I unpack confidence-boosting, like-attracting, share-inspiring live video tips and tactics so they can generate more engagement with their audience.
3. Crafting An Unforgettable Customer Journey
Some experiences change lives, and some fall flat..what’s the difference? This session trains the audience on how to craft a powerful customer journey that makes the customer come back over and over again.
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About Marian Esanu
Marian V Esanu is a Client Acquisition Expert, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Podcast Host. He started with humble beginnings as an immigrant with little money and grew his influence through his service-based business that now generates over seven figures every year. Marian now teaches service-based business owners, authors, speakers, and coaches how to create high-end packages and automate their online sales process through personal branding and sales funnels. He hosts the High-End Client Acquisition podcast with expert guests such as Dan Lok, Billy Gene, Pat Flynn, Sean Cannell, Jeremy Haynes, and Peng Joon. 

Marian understands that finding a quality speaker is difficult. That’s why he strives to make it easy for you to understand what he can deliver to your audience. This page illustrates what he specializes in, why he loves speaking, and how you can hire him if you think he's a great match.